At the top of a protracted month of fasting, there has been a change in eating habits. you have got to bear in mind at now to induce accustomed the new rules. Eating heavy or oily-spicy foods regularly after breaking the fast in a very hurry can cause digestive problems, gastric and other physical problems. discover what to try to to.

On the day of Eid, almost everyone eats heavy food. However, attempt to eat polao / biryani at noon and eat normal food at the hours of darkness. many folks eat heavy food cooked in additional oil every few days on the occasion of Eid. this can be totally inappropriate. If such irregularities occur after breaking the fast, there’s a powerful possibility of skyrocketing acidity.

Drink one glass of beverage a day. whether or not you drink juice mixed with lukewarm water, the matter of digestion are going to be removed.

whether or not you have got oily foods on the menu, attempt to keep salads and vegetables with you.

Summer juicy fruits are available within the market. attempt to decay least two fruits a day.

don’t eat an excessive amount of at just one occasion. Eat little by little if necessary.
Chew food well, it helps in quick digestion.

On Eid, sweet foods like semai, firni are eaten. However, don’t eat foods that contain sugar in excess.

Absolutely don’t eat food or alimentation for some days.