US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order for social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Trump signed the order Thursday (May 26), local time. According to the BBC, the order will deprive social media of some legal protection.

The executive order also included the poison of taking legal action against social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However, Trump’s executive order could face legal challenges, the BBC reported.

Incidentally, a day ago, Donald Trump threatened to shut down social media platforms in the United States. Recently, for the first time, Twitter added fact check tags to two tweets posted by Trump. After that, the US President issued such a warning. Trump signed the executive order a day after the warning.

For the first time on Tuesday, Twitter authorities pointed the finger of blame at two of President Trump’s tweets. In those two tweets, the US President wrote that there would be an opportunity for rigging in the ballot sent by mail.

Net users are landing on a fact check page just by clicking on that word. Here are a few more links, clicking on the news and articles that refute Trump’s statement. It also said that Twitter was determined to stop serving inaccurate, misleading or unsubstantiated information.

After that, Trump warned to shut down social media. On Wednesday morning, he threatened to shut down social media, as well as complaining that right-wingers in the United States were being censored.

Trump said Republicans feel that social media platforms seek to stifle conservative views. We will strictly control or stop them before this happens.
Trump signed the executive order on Thursday, the day after the warning.