Bollywood stars are usually trolled by posting pictures or making blatant comments. However, this time Sonam Kapoor is the target of the trolls for the title of the film.

Sonam Kapoor is very active on social media. What are you doing, what are you wearing, what are you thinking Sonam has no equal in sharing with these fans. He has more than 26.4 million followers on Instagram. This Bollywood star always came up in practice by posting pictures of various moments. However, this time Sonam came up for discussion for the title of the film. He had to be attacked by the trolls.

Sonam is sitting on the sofa, posting a picture on such an Instagram account with the caption, ‘Oh my God, what am I going to do now.’ And here’s the mess. Sonam’s questionable headline has sparked widespread criticism. One netizen wrote, ‘Clean the tiles, clean the house.’ Another wrote, ‘Sonam, you have a lot of money.

I can do many things. Donate a little. ‘A few others suggested the Bollywood star to donate, saying,’ Please help the helpless people in this lockdown on the day of the epidemic. In addition to the troll’s performance, ‘I would say, stop acting, why don’t you go and do what you can’t do?’

Sonam is now at home in Delhi with her husband Anand Ahuja. He returned from London in March. Sonam has been in quarantine since then. The couple recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

Sonam’s wedding photos and videos again, social media was full of congratulatory messages. Sonam also posted multiple pictures with her life partner and wrote, ‘Believe me, it is not possible to find a better partner. I’m lucky, I’m grateful. I am sharing the rest of my life with a person who is a vegetarian, does regular exercise, does yoga. And he loves his wife unconditionally. ‘

The Bollywood actress has also shared several photos of her Delhi home on social media. In one picture, Sonam’s husband is seen happily sitting on the bed in the bedroom. He also posted pictures of the living room, kitchen, reading room, and garden. After posting a picture of the white gown trying to touch the sky, she said she wanted to fly.