According to CNN, several thousand protesters took part in the protests in Minneapolis. Many of them were seen taking up positions on the roofs of adjoining buildings. There were no signs that the protests had calmed down by 10:30 pm local time.

CNN reporter Sara Sidner said a fire alarm was sounding inside the police station. On the other hand, the protesters are rejoicing. People are setting off fireworks around the police cordon. However, no siren sound was found. No immediate action was taken by the fire brigade.

CNN reporter Josh Campbell said at the scene that police had decided not to use force. This is probably because the police know their presence will only add to the tension. This will make the situation more complicated.

Josh Campbell said it was a dangerous situation. I think the police are also realizing that.

The movement began on May 25, 2020, when police killed a black man named George Floyd. The movement intensified when the video of the murder went viral on social media.

The 10-minute video, recorded by an eyewitness, shows a white policeman strangling a black man to death with his knees. The dead man was unarmed. In the video, he is seen groaning as he cannot breathe. “I can’t breathe,” he repeatedly told the white police officer.

Blacks claim that George Floyd was a victim of racism. The locals first took to the streets in protest of the incident, but later protests erupted across the country.

Melvin Carter, mayor of the St. Paul area of ​​Minnesota, described what happened to George Floyd as offensive. He described the protesters’ protests as “understandable”.

Thousands killed in police firing in 2019

The assassination of George Floyd has raised alarming figures for the number of civilians killed by police in the United States. According to the Washington Post, 1,014 people were killed in police shootings in the country in 2019. According to various surveys, most of the victims are black.

According to a survey conducted by a non-governmental organization called Mapping Police Violence, blacks are three times more likely to die in police shootings in the United States than whites.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has sprung up in the country as a result of the police brutality response. Stars like singer Beyonc, and basketball player LeBron James have publicly supported the movement. Source: CNN, BBC.