The playground for children is gradually decreasing. On the contrary, despite the proliferation of TV and digital media for entertainment, there is no such thing as a children’s event. Meanwhile, viewers-critics are claiming that the arrangement of Duronto TV has created some confidence but it is not enough compared to the demand.

Basically considering this demand or lack, this time Mama TV was launched for children. Even though it is called TV, it is basically based on YouTube.

Multidimensional content has been created for the channel in the last four months. Where children’s educational rhymes and story cartoons can be found regularly. The channel started its journey on April 25 with the publication of a cartoon of a poem by Sukumar Roy.
Sagar Neel Khan, head of Mama TV channel, told Bangla Tribune, “We have started broadcasting from April 25. I have been preparing since the beginning of the year. The productions are being done by my team.

All five of us are from different professions, just doing it out of love. How easy it is to convey the poetry and stories of the country’s best poets and writers among the children, basically to do the work out of that desire. Moreover, we do not have any Bengali content on YouTube for children to learn. To do the work with all these in mind. ‘

Sagar Neel said that before, one had to rely on foreign language cartoons. Now that crisis is over. Because cartoons are also being made in Bengali language.

Sagar Neel Khan himself is scripting and directing the contents of the channel. He also has Asifur Rahman, Ifti Rahman, Bijan Khan and Ehsan Pratik in his team.