Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is in Mumbai on lockdown with her sister Isabella Kaif. Sitting at home doing various things. Cooking, sweeping the house, how much. Susan’s video is being shared on social media.

Not only that, to keep the physical beauty right, but physical exercise is also going on at home now and then. Not a single day is missed. Meanwhile, Live is also running with its own cosmetics company. But Kat is missing one thing very much. This actress has not been able to go to the shooting set for a long time. Katrina Kaif is excited to go to the shooting set.

In a chat with HT Cafe, Katrina Kaif said, ‘I have been missing the shooting for a long time. Sometimes I get anxious about what’s coming up. But I also understand what the world is going through at the moment and how important it is to fight this epidemic.

‘How is he spending time sitting at home? To such a question, Katrina Kaif said, ‘I see a huge change. I am busy with housework now. I exercise. Let’s see something. I love to read a lot. I read. I am working on cosmetics. I spend time with my staff there. Besides, I am reading movie manuscripts. I am keeping myself busy in this way. ‘