Hollywood star Joaquin Phoenix, 45, and Rooney Mara, 35, are about to give birth to their first child. They are currently in quarantine at their home in Los Angeles, USA, due to the Corona epidemic.

The US actress has been seen in loose clothes since before Corona. This time, a source close to the couple has confirmed to Page Six that Joker Huakin is going to be a father, and Rooney is going to be a mother. According to the source, the couple wanted to keep the news of their child a secret during the Corona epidemic.

Rooney is thought to be six months pregnant. Attempts were made by various media outlets to contact Huacin Phoenix, but no comment was received from the Oscar-winning actor. Huakin and Rooney have been in love since 2016. Huakin and Rooney shared the screen in the first-rate movie together in 2013.

The couple fell in love on the set of the Mary Margaret movie shoot. In September 2016, they started living together under one roof in Hollywood Hills. In July 2019, it is known that they have completed the engagement. And this time the couple is going to show the face of the world to their first child.

For the first time, Huakin told the media about their love, saying, ‘She is the first woman in my life with whom I have fallen in love by mail. In the world of the internet, I have never exchanged messages with any woman other than Rooney. He is the first, he is the last. ‘