It is shocking to hear that a person eats only chili powder all day and does not take any other food. Sometimes he eats chili powder, sometimes green chilli, sometimes boiled chilli. And so the name became ‘Chili King’ or ‘Pepper King’.

The real name of ‘Chili King’, a resident of Hinan Province, China, is Li Yongzhai. If he doesn’t eat two and a half kg of chilli every day, he will not be able to sleep. He has planted 6 different species of chilli trees in his backyard as a hobby.

Surprisingly, in the last 6 years, ‘Chili King’ has not suffered from any disease, big or small. As soon as he ate the pepper, he told reporters that he did not like any food other than the pepper. However, for the last 6 months, he has not had the opportunity to eat any spicy pepper. Meanwhile, the son of ‘Chile King’ says, Dad, I don’t understand why he eats so much salt!