You may need to scroll while watching a video on a website. You may also need to go to another tab or program. But no browser has the right tools to pop up a video and keep it on the screen. So Mozilla added such a tool to Firefox browser. This is a great tool for video play when working in a multitasking environment.

According to Engadget, Windows users will now be able to download and install the latest version of Firefox. If you have this tool in Firefox, when a user starts a video while browsing the web, there will be a blue popup on the right side of the video. Hovering the mouse over it will enlarge the popup to show the text-in-picture text. Clicking on it will launch the video in a new window.

This popup window can be scaled as needed and placed anywhere on the screen. And the popup will always be at the top of the screen. In addition, those who use two monitors can put it on one monitor and work on another monitor. However, not everyone is currently getting the benefit, especially for laptop users, it is not possible now.

While the tool is currently in Windows version, Mozilla says it will be available in Mac and Linux versions in January of the new year.