A city came up from under the water. Almost thirty years later, as soon as the city came up, all the old memories awoke. People tried to remember the days spent in childhood. Some tried to find their own homes.

The incident happened in Argentina. The town of Episun in the southwest of the country was situated on the shores of a small lake. Where about one and a half thousand people lived. Many tourists used to go to that city for holidays. The water of the lake was saltier than the water of the sea. The common story about this lake is that the lake was created with the tears of a famous man. People from the Jewish community also used to come to this city only for this lake. The town had houses, lodges, hotels and guesthouses.
After heavy rains on November 10, 1985, Epison went under water. Many people fled the city. Within a few days, the city went under 33 feet of water. While the city is not being rebuilt, it is safe to say that it will be a place of interest.

The city, which woke up three decades later, is now inhabited by one man. He is 62-year-old Pablo Novak. He said, “I’m very happy here. I cycle around town all day. I think of the good times in the city.”